About the CM19a

Receive commands from X10 RF remotes and control any X10 powerline module with an X10 CM19a transceiver/controller and some automation software.

What is a CM19a?

A CM19a Transceiver (Amazon)The CM19a is an X10 compatible USB transceiver that sends and receives X10 radio-frequency commands from your computer. In a nutshell it:

  • Is a transceiver so it can transmit (send) and receive X10 commands;
  • Operates wirelessly so it can receive from and/or connect to X10:
    • remote controls;
    • lamp and appliance modules; and
    • security devices including motion sensors and cameras.
  • Use high frequency radio communication so line of sight is not required, unlike infra-red which is also wireless but requires line of sigh between the sending and receiving devices;
  • Connects to a computer via USB, so it's suitable for modern computers that do not have serial ports;
  • Is separated from the device that injects the X10 signal into the powerline (e.g. TM751) so your computer and the injector do not need to be on the same power circuit.

You may also need:

  • A computer with a USB 1.0 port or faster;
  • Software to control the device;
  • Device driver to interpret the X10 RF (radio frequency) commands; and
  • A device that receives RF commands from the CM19a and transmits then into the powerline (e.g. TM751).


The CM19a is known by a multitude of different names (there are probably more):
  • CM19A USB PC Transceiver - X10;
  • X10 R.F. PC Transceiver;
  • X10 Wireless Technology Inc USB Transceiver;
  • X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. Firecracker Interface (ACPI-compliant);
  • Firecracker RF Computer Interface/Transceiver;
  • RF Computer Controller; and
  • X10 Firecracker RF Transceiver.

Model Numbers

There are also some variations on the model number
  • CM19a;
  • HA116 from WINPLUS Home Automation (Australia); and
  • Let me know if you come across any others.


  • X10 Powerhouse
  • Marmatek
  • <Add more>

Related devices:

  • Cm15a - RF and Poweline transceiver
  • TM751-A Plug in transceiver Module 
  • RR501
  • TM13
  • KR22A credit card thin remote
  • MS16A ActiveEye WHITE Motion Sensor - X10

Where to buy:


Buy a CM19a device
CM19a software and drivers for Linux
CM19a software and drivers for Windows
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